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According to the principles of Reiki, we are all connected to this universal energy and possess the innate wisdom and instinct to heal ourselves. In ancient times, our ancestors relied on their inner wisdom for healing, but as humanity has evolved, this natural healing knowledge has been largely forgotten.

Reiki serves as a method for guiding the universal life force energy throughout the body, allowing the recipient's self-healing abilities to be activated. It is important to note that the Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for this healing energy, rather than being the source of it.

The effectiveness of Reiki lies in its ability to restore balance in the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. By promoting harmony in these areas, Reiki can help alleviate suffering and enhance overall wellbeing.

In terms of the physical body, Reiki works by facilitating the individual's own natural healing abilities. It encourages relaxation, reduces stress, and creates a space within the central nervous system for healing to occur. Stress and fear can hinder the healing process, which is why Reiki seeks to calm the nervous system and create an optimal environment for healing.

£55 for an hour or £30 for 30 minutes.

Reiki classes coming soon, watch this space for more information.

Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a healing modality that operates at a higher vibration and on a deeper level, resulting in faster healing times. It works with the vibration of the heart. It is considered a "new" healing modality for this Golden Age, a time of spiritual growth and a shift towards inner peace, positive thinking, and compassion.

A 5th dimensional healing modality which works on the vibration of the heart chakra. It balances the male and female sides of ourselves and helps us to release negativity and fear from our heart centre.

£45 for one or £115 for 3 sessions (sessions are approximately 45 minutes). If 3 are booked and paid for these appointments must be used within 3 months.

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